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How Escape Rooms Work

You and your team must find hidden clues, solve puzzles and complete challenges to escape the room! Sixty minutes will fly by as you use your common sense, deductive skills and powers of observation to defeat the game. Everything you need to get out is located somewhere in the room. Can you complete the challenge before time is up?

Check out the video to see what we're all about:

The Perfect Activity For

perfect for company outings

Team Building

Looking for great team building games for your company outings? Vault Escape Chicago provides a great experience to work on communication and have some fun at the same time!

perfect for friends and family activities

Friends & Family

Whether with a group of friends or all of your family, you'll be yearning for another adventure after having so much fun working together on solving the puzzles.

perfect for gaming fanatics

Game Fanatics

Our escape rooms offer an experience unlike any other near you. If you're an expert at this, you won't want to miss out on the challenges we have to offer!

Reviews & Testimonials

5 star reviews

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Our Vaults

We have 5 games at our Riverside location, as well as a portable game for larger groups. Find the right game for you! 

Our games have a minimum of 2 people and a maximum of 5-8, depending on the room.

Christmas Chaos

Put the toys into the correct boxes before Santa delivers empty gifts!

Max: 6 Participants

Mad Scientist

Mankind is counting on you to defuse the bomb from the crazed Mad Scientist.

Max: 8 Participants


Break the witch's curse or be trapped in her cottage forever.

Max: 5 Participants

Coach's Conundrum

Get the trophy out of the Coach's office before the awards ceremony at the end of the big game.

Max: 8 Participants

Pirate Booty

Help pirates find treasure hidden on an island in order to survive a shipwreck.

Minimum: 30 Participants

Maximum: 1000+

In the Media

New to these types of puzzle room games? Have no idea what this is all about? Many talk shows and television shows have featured escape rooms including The Big Bang Theory, Kate Plus Eight, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and Conan O'Brien. 

We've hosted great teams from local businesses including:

company team building at vault escape

Featured on the 95.5 Morning Show with Mason, Remy, & Alabama!

How To Play

1. Create Your Team

  • Get a group of friends, coworkers, or family and make a date & time selection

2. Choose Your Escape Room

  • Select one of our three vaults to choose from that you'd like to challenge

3. Use Teamwork to Solve Puzzles

  • With your newfound team, find the clues and solve the  puzzles to make your escape

4. Escape before Your Time is Up!

  • If you play your cards right, you'll be able to escape the room just in the nick of time!

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Vault Escape is located at 3234 Harlem Ave, Riverside, IL, a west suburb of Chicago.
We are 20 minutes from downtown Union Station.

"So much fun! I went here with a group of friends that I work with and we had a blast! It really is a great team bonding experience. We did the mad scientist room and we're only two puzzles away from escaping. I would highly recommend. The staff was friendly and accommodating."
- Theresa M.

"Totally new to escape rooms. This was my first one and I had a great time. It wasn't too difficult that we needed a ton of clues but definitely needed a clue or two here and there. Lots of surprises and fun things to interact with. Highly recommended!"
- April S., Chicago, IL

"Really creative and engrossing escape room! We did the Inheritance Room as a group of four and it was the perfect amount of mental exercise for us. Great staff and creative puzzles. We'll be back for the Mad Scientist Room soon!"
- Ryan M.

"Very intricately set up. By far the best experience I've yet to experience in any escape room EVER!!! A must do!!!!"
- Sarah F.