Corporate Team Building Chicago

Experience A New Kind Of Team Building

Escape games test leadership, communication, and teamwork as players tackle their mind-bending adventure in this team building exercise. Natural leaders reveal themselves as players must work together in a challenging and unique environment. In the course of problem-solving their way out of the room, players must be open to new ideas and alternate ways of approaching puzzles. Unlike other Chicago team building activities that leave your cohort dreading the event (can you say “trust fall”?) or a pure entertainment activity like go-karting, an event at Vault Escape bonds your group and they have so much fun they don’t notice that they are team building.

Our escape rooms at Vault Escape are uniquely suited for corporate team building functions as it does not have the “horror” elements of many other escape games. No zombies are chasing you down, no serial killers are waiting in the wings. Instead, the puzzles are challenging and diverse.

How Many People Can We Host?

At our Riverside location near Chicago, we can book teams of 2-8 players at a time in any of our 2 larger rooms:  Mad Scientist and Coach’s Conundrum. We also have two smaller rooms: Inheritance (6 players) and  Spellbound (5 players). We can book 4 groups to play simultaneously for up to 29 people in house.  Please contact us to book an event outside of our usual hours.

We’ve hosted great teams from businesses including: